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Aperitivo Cappelletti Rosso

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Norfolk Virginia Only

About Cappelletti:

This may be the oldest style of the classic red Italian bitter still in production. It offers a vibrant and flavorful profile, complemented by bitter undertones on a traditional wine base. Pleasant dry finish from a wine base of Garganega, Pinot Bianco and Trebbiano. Less sweet than commercial rivals, with a refreshing acidity for the Spritz, Americano, Negroni and other cocktails. Natural carmine color.

Stays fresh for 6-8 weeks in the refrigerator after opening.

Learn more about this classic style at Haus Alpenz.

Negroni Recipe:

  • 1oz London Dry Gin
  • 1oz Aperitivo Cappelletti
  • 1oz Red Vermouth
  • Stir with ice. Strain into a rocks glass & garnish with orange peel

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